Special in Every Detail,
Quality in Every Product.

Our company establihsed in 2010 as KLT Kalite Aluminium.We provide best quality service to our customers in 16000 metresquare area.

With the importance we attach to technology, we serve our customers with our two press machines, anodized and surface coating facility and molding room in our modern facility. In addition, we show our sensitivity to nature by producing with sustainability and environmental awareness.

Our company, known for its eciency and reliable service in the domestic market, has a high export rate with sales to Europe, Asia and Africa.

KLT Kalite Aluminium provides aluminum solutions that you can use safely in your projects. We are happy to be with you on the road to success.

Commitment to Survive Quality

Kalite Aluminum is committed to providing unique products and services to its customers by combining aesthetics and durability. It acts with the mission of maintaining quality in every detail.

The Future Shaped by Creativity

We see a future in aluminum, not just a material. We dream of a future shaped by creativity in each of our products, exceeding users' expectations.

Unlimited Innovation in Customer Experience

We constantly improve our products and services with an unlimited approach to innovation, based on customer satisfaction. We work to maximize customer experience.